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Skalka dam

The Skalka dam is on upper Ohře river in region Karlovy Vary.
The beginning construction dam was in 1st July 1957 and end of the building was in December 1964.

Components of dam are earth dam with length 115 m, width 4 m, and rockfill dam (volume is 30 000 m3) with width 50 meters.

The original water works equipped with one spillway for maximum capacity of 390 m 3 /s with segment. Segment height is 7 meters and width is 9,5 m. During the reconstruction in 1998-1999, workers built a second crown of the spillway capacity of 169 m 3 / s with a width of 7 m.
Another functional objects are two bottom outlets with a diameter of 1200 mm with a total capacity of 24,8 m 3 / s.
Small water power plant with installed capacity of 700 kW added to dam during the reconstruction. Two horizontal Kaplan turbines (Pavelka 4KPK-850) work in engine room. Diameter of turbine is 850 mm and absorption capacity of the turbine is 4,5 m3.

Area of water reservoir is 378 ha and capacity is 19,56 million m3. Maximum depth is 14 meters and average depth is 13,8 m. Water reservoir use for recreational, but due to high water pollution cyanobacteria and bygone era even Mercury. They sometimes clean reservoir. The last partial release reservoir was in 2011. (You can see on the photos).


Skalka dam Přehrada Skalka Skalka dam Spillway Small power plant Rockfill dam
Back part dam, when is low level Back part dam, when is low level Back part dam, when is low level Water reservoir Skalka Water reservoir Skalka Water reservoir Skalka
Water reservoir Skalka Water reservoir Skalka

Flow Ohře
Catchment area 671,7 km2
Year of commissioning 1964
Surface area 378 ha
Capacity 19,56 million m3
Maximum depth 14 m
Average depth 5,1 m
Height of dam 17 m
Length of dam 115 m
Width of dam 4 m
Number of spillway fields 2
Installed capacity 0,7 MW
Annual generation (2009) 1,835 GWh
Operator Povodí Ohře
Number of turbines 2
Type turbine Kaplan
Absorption capacity of the turbine 2x4,5 m3/s
Impeller diameter 850 mm
Hydraulic head 4,7-9,7 m
Speed of turbine ?


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Source of technical parameters:
Povodí Ohře
ERU Energetický regulační úřad

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The largest reservoir
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410 ha
378 ha
362 ha

The largest reservoir
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21,0 mil.m3
19,56 mil.m3
18,936 mil.m3


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