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Pumped storage hydroelectric

The pumped storage hydroelectric is type water power plant, that it use cheap night electric energy for pumping water from down water reservoir to up water reservoir. When needed, water flows from up water reservoir to down hydroelectric, that is below the river. Then there is very great fall.
It main locational is in mountainous or hilly terrain.
To this power plant is placed (main) turbines type Francis reverse, becouse they can work in big gradient and they can pumping water up lake .

PSH is lots of type:

Up lake location is on mountain or hill and down lake location is deep in the Valley, where river dam up. E.g. hydroelectric Dlouhé stráně, it is at 1350 meters above sea level. Down water reservoir is at 824 meters above sea level.

Other pumping stations build on high dams, which based on river. E.g.. Dalešice hydroelectric power which based on the Jihlava River, receives water pumping from the lower reservoir Mohelno.

It can build the sea pumping storage hydroelectric. This type is using only for pumping storage power plants on Japanese island Okinawa Yanbaru of Okinawa, but also is planing for the Hawaiian Islands or in Ireland.


The upper reservoir Štěchovice II. The upper reservoir Štěchovice II High pressure pipelines Černé jezero,whitch it use like upper reservoir. (It is not working now.) Černé jezero,whitch it use like upper reservoir. (It is not working now.)

Power plantInstalled capacityHydraulic headyear of commissioningarea upper reservoir
Dlouhé Stráně650 MW532,7-488,7 m199615,4 ha
Dalešice480 MW90,7-60,5 m1978482 ha
Štěchovice II.45 MW209,8-219,5 m19484,9 ha
Černé jezero1,5 MW247,7 m193018,43 ha


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