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Orlík dam

Orlík dam is on medium flow Vltava river and Orlík reservoir is most capacity (volume) in ČR.

Preparing of construction the Orlík dam started in 1946. But government agreed with construction of dam in 1955.
Beginning construction of Orlík dam was in April 1957. The filling of the dam started in 29th September 1960.
The concreting finished at the end year of 1960
The first test turbine was in 22nd December 1960, but trial operation of hydropower started up in April 1961. The last turbine was installed in March 1962.
The construction was needed 1 030 000 m3 of concrete and 12 000 t of steel. Two workers were fatally injure during construction.

The dam is 90,5 meters height above basics and 81,5 above ground, the Orlík dam is highest concrete dam in Czech Republic. Lenght of dam in crown is 450 meters.
There are three spillway fields with width of 3x15 meters and 8 m height. Their maximum total capacity is 2 184 m. Next, there are two bottom spillways too with Johnson's closures. Diameter of bottom spillway is 4000 mm and it maximum capacity is (2x) 185,5 m3/s.

Four Kaplan turbines with ten blades and total installed capacity of 364 MW work in hydropower plant. The Orlík hydropower plant generations most "green" electric energy in Czech Republic (490,4 GWh in 2010). This hydropower plant saves about 450 000 tons of coal annually. Conduit that brings water to the turbines has a diameter of 6,25 m. The power plant worked without disorder to August 2002, when destructive flood was, the power stations didn't work after a period of 16 months.

On the right bank is oblique boat lift for transport boat to displacement of 3,5 tons. Platform cart moves on rail track. Length of track is 210 meters and the slope is 22°.
There is also oblique boat lift for transport boat to displacement of 300 tons, but complete is only building part. Now, preparatory works on the completion of the boat lift are underway, the boat lift will cost around 360 000 000 CZK.

Surface area of reservoir is 2 732,7 ha and capacity is 716 500 000 m and the reservoir ends on Vltava river near Týn nad Vltavou (68 km from the dam),on Otava river in Písek (22 km from the dam) and on Lužnice river near Hvožďany (7 km).


Orlík dam Orlík dam Orlík dam Spillway fields Bottom spillways with Johnson's closures Building of hydropower plant
Building of hydropower plant Building of hydropower plant Engine room hydropower Orlik Engine room hydropower Orlik Spiral around the turbine Arbor
Plavební zařízení Nedokončení šikmý lodní výtah Oblique boat lift isn't completed Orlík reservoir

Flow Vltava
Catchment area 12 105,96 km2
Year of commissioning 1963
Surface area 2732,7 ha
Capacity 716 500 000 m3
Maximum depth 74 m
Average depth 26,2 m
Height of dam 90,5 m
Length of dam 450 m
Width of dam 21,2 m
Number of spillway fields 3
Installed capacity 364 MW
Annual generation (2009) 474,4 Gwh
Operator ČEZ Obnovitelné zdroje
Number of turbines 4
Type turbine Kaplan
Absorption capacity of the turbine 4x150 m3/s
Impeller diameter 4600 mm
Hydraulic head 70,5-44,0 m
Speed of turbine 187,5 RPM

Navigation plantsboat lift (uncompleted)Platform cart
Class waterways I. 0
Max load vessel 300 t 3,5 t
Length 33 m 8,5 m
Width 6 m 2,6 m

  • Length and width is max length and width of vessel.


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    Source of technical parameters:
    Povodní Vltavy
    ERU Energetický regulační úřad
    ČEZ Obnovitené zdroje

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