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Jesenice dam

The beginning construction dam was in 1957, workers finished with work in November 1961. Jesenice dam is on the Odrava river.Length of dam is 753 meters in the crown. The dam is embankment, earth-fill and it height is 23,8.
On the right bank is spillway, it maximum capacity is 167 m3/s. Spillway go on the concrete trough, which is 300 m long. It components are chute (100 m), concrete trough (150 m) and discharge (50 m).
Next there are two bottom spillways, their diameters are 1400 mm and their total capacity is 32 m3/s.
Since 1984, there is the hydroelectric power plant with installed capacity of 315 kW . There isn't classic turbine, but there are five Sigma pumps,that spins generators.
Area of reservoir is 760 ha and it capacity is 60,15 million m3.

The dam serves to balance the flow of Ohře river and it protects area below the dam of flood. People gained raw water from reservoir, but the reservoir was bad water quality, due to poor wastewater treatment. Therefore, the use of water ceased. Now the water is quite clean.


Jesenice dam Jesenice dam Jesenice dam Jesenice dam Jesenice dam Crown of Jesenice dam
Spillway Spillway Spillway Chute Chute Discharge
Gating object Back part of Jesenice dam Back part of Jesenice dam Water reservoir Jesenice Water reservoir Jesenice

Flow Odrava
Catchment area 406,5 km2
Year of commissioning 1961
Surface area 760 ha
Capacity 60,15 million m3
Maximum depth 18 m
Average depth 7,9 m
Height of dam 23,8 m
Length of dam 753 m
Width of dam 11 m
Number of spillway fields 1
Installed capacity 0,315 MW
Operator Povodí Ohře
Number of turbines 5
Type turbine Sigma pump
Absorption capacity of the turbine (total) 0,65-3,25 m3/s
Impeller diameter 450 mm
Hydraulic head 14,5m


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Source of technical parameters:
Povodí Ohře
Atlas zařízení využívající obnovitelné zdroje energie

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