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Hnevkovice dam

Waterworks Hněvkovice is on the middle reaches of the river near the village of Tyn nad Vltavou.

Construction started to be built in 1986, along with water work Kořensko and nuclear power plant Temelin. concreting began in February 1987 and Vltava transferred from the original channel in October 1988. Construction of the dam completed in 1991.

The dam is concrete gravity. Height of dam is 33,5 m the basics (23,5 meters above the ground). Length of dam in the crown is 191 meters and width is 18,2 meters. There are three crown security overflows in the dam, their width is 12 meters and maximum capacity is 3x 336,6 m3/s. On right bank is lock. Length of lock is 45 meters and width is 6 meters.
Fitting with equipment to the locks began in 2009. The first vessel would be to sail through here in 2013, when it will open the last stage of navigable river from the Orlík dam to České Budějovice.

Component of the dam Hněvkovice is small hydroelectric power station with installed capacity 9.6 MW. Annual generation was 30,5 GWh in 2009 and Annual generation in 2010 was 30,7 Gwh. Two turbines type Kaplan are in the engine room.

Area of water reservoir is 276,7 ha and capacity is 21,095 million m3. The average depth in a water reservoir is 7.9 m. After deepen will navigational depth the riverbed , the depth of riverbed will 1,6 m.
On the left bank of the reservoir near the Hněvkovice dam is pumping station for nuclear power plant Temelín. Length of feeder is a 5839 m and it capacity is 4,16 m3/s.


Water works Hněvkovice Hněvkovice dam Hněvkovice dam Hněvkovice dam Partition segment made of Steel. Locks
Locks Back of Hněvkovice dam Back of Hněvkovice dam Back of Hněvkovice dam Water reservoir Hněvkovice Pumping station for nuclear power plant Temelín

Flow Vltava
Catchment area 3 539,57 km2
Year of commissioning 1991
Surface area 276,67 ha
Capacity 21,095 million m3
Maximum depth 17 m
Average depth 7,9 m
Height of dam 33,5 m
Length of dam 115 m
Width of dam 18,2 m
Number of spillway fields 3
Installed capacity 9,6 MW
Annual generation (2009) 30,5 GWh
Operator ČEZ Obnovitelné zdroje
Number of turbines 2
Type turbine Kaplan
Absorption capacity of the turbine 2x30 m3/s
Impeller diameter 2200 mm
Hydraulic head 9,3-14,8 m
Speed of turbine ?

Class waterways I.
Max load vessels 300 t
Length 45 m
Width 6 m


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Source of technical parameters:
Povodní Vltavy
Řediteství vodní cest ČR

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